Working group, day trip or multi-day trip? But in any case: Away from everyday school life – into the husky-pack!

Dogs are part of our world of life.

Appreciating dogs correctly and learning how to behave accordingly is hardly less important than traffic education. How do I behave so I don’t have to be afraid of dogs? When and with which dogs do I have to be careful and how do I behave correctly? What can I do to make dogs what they want to be: my friends?

Children and young people are supported and challenged in a holistic manner.

When dealing with and engaging in joint activities with the being dog, the human being learns with head, heart and hand. The dog is like a mirror, it reflects the nature of the human being who is dealing with him and so development can take place.

In this way, training and playing with the dog not only the willpower, self-awareness, self-confidence and the courage to face one’s fears and overcome them are addressed and strengthened, but also the senses and motor skills are trained.

Furthermore, the children learn to assert themselves, to take responsibility for a living being and to work in teamwork. Many qualities a young person needs for healthy development.

When dealing with dogs, we want to convey what huskies symbolically stand for: freedom, energy and joy of life.


Get up close and personal with huskies! - for all grades

Forty blue and brown dog eyes follow banned when Elmar Fust greets a whole school class in front of the husky-enclosure. Then the huskies know perfectly well: It’s about to start. Off to the woods, out on a tour of discovery! But today the otherwise so instinctive four-legged friends are mistaken, today they stay in their home and receive visitors. . . (1,5 hours program)

from € 192.-


Day Trip “ School class meets Husky pack” – from grade 4

Dive into the world of the Huskies together, go on tour and feel the skin with the four-legged friends. A class trip that excites everyone: boys, girls and teachers! (2 hours program)

from € 230.-


Hiking day with the Husky pack! - from grade 6

Hiking day? Oh, yes! It combines adventure and nature experience with a strong group feeling and real challenges – and 100 paws of Huskies are eagerly waiting to go on the tour with you! (3. 5 hours programme)

from € 340.-

Service Qualität Deutschland

Our husky farm is certified by the ServiceQualität Deutschland initiative

Companies that have taken part in this certification and bear the Q have dealt intensively with the issues of service and quality and are working on continuous improvement. This is what the Q stands for - a sign for you as our guests that the people in this company are interested in your satisfaction and are doing something for you!