In the days of the Corona pandemic, many regulars and friends of the husky farm ask how to help. . .

Like many small farms, we don’t know what will happen to our husky farm “according to Corona. ” read more in the blog entry of 28. 03. 2020

So we decided to launch the following support action:

With the purchase of a food and care package you can take on a kind of “weekly sponsorship. ” This allows us to ensure that for a dog for one week the basic costs of feeding and staff (for the animal keepers in training) are covered.

We use our own website for the presentation of our support offers and try to integrate the offers in the best possible way into the given shop structure. Please excuse us if we do not always succeed in this technically perfect. Above all, it was important for us to react quickly and to provide all interested parties with comprehensive information.


Supporter package “Pure food & care”

With this package, you pay for the feed costs of one pack member and contribute to the safeguarding of the animal care jobs. For all those who want to participate in our campaign with pure food and care – i. e. without a supporter cup.

from € 27.-

Service Qualität Deutschland

Our husky farm is certified by the ServiceQualität Deutschland initiative

Companies that have taken part in this certification and bear the Q have dealt intensively with the issues of service and quality and are working on continuous improvement. This is what the Q stands for - a sign for you as our guests that the people in this company are interested in your satisfaction and are doing something for you!