Huskyfarm active holiday in winter in Gafsele / Södra Lapland

With Siberian huskies through Lapland’s white wilderness on the banks of the Ångermanälven!

Experience the fascination of the Nordic winter in the company of over 20 Siberian Huskies!

As guests of Elmar and Sabine and together with them, you can enjoy the silence of the snow-covered forests, moors and lakes during the day on the sleigh and hiking tours and let the peaceful snowscape work on you. And as soon as it gets dark, with a little luck, you can let yourself be enchanted by the magical Northern Lights.

The rhythm of your holiday week will be determined by the lovable and lively four-legged friends, around which everything revolves these days. The younger ones are ready for longer toboggan tours – also on freshly snowed trail and in low temperatures, where their will be at their best! Of course, the older pack members also love to run in ice and snow, but like to do well in length and frequency. And then there are the seniors, who have already finished their running career, but still enthusiastically take part in every start of the younger ones – here are small hiking tours or walks on which they can keep their muscles and bones fit and in motion.

We plan a colourful mix of these activities together from day to day, depending on the weather and snow conditions and the needs of the Huskies. It may well be that in the morning we all have to grab the snow shovels to clear the paths to the dog enclosures and also to free the sleds for dog training from a white blanket. But the breakfast tastes all the more delicious and also always offers some treats with which to replenish the energy reserves for the upcoming day activities.

For our dog sled tours – on which you will of course lead your own team – we put together the dog teams for the work in front of the sled in a balanced way. Where a mix of older and younger animals is not feasible, “variety-free” is started: first the youngest and most impetuous get their training, then we go out with the Happy Dog teams – those who already see the training a little more relaxed. By changing the dog teams in front of the sled you will get to know the individual animals very intensively and quickly notice the differences in temperament, performance readiness and starting position in front of the sled.

After dog training, a lunch snack and feeding the pack, there is an opportunity for a walk with the elderly of the pack, or also for other winter activities on your own: snowshoeing, ice lounging, sledding or even saunas – in the wood-fired barrel sauna with lake view – snow bath included!

Get to know the world of sled dogs in Gafsele, a Lapland village on the Ångermanälven, in the middle of a hilly plateau characterized by endless forests, vast wetlands and numerous lakes. Here you can meet Lapland’s most famous animal, the reindeer – an important part of Lapland’s nature. But also moose, musk oxen and bears live here. . . Wherever the opportunity arises, we like to take part in the village life and invite our guests to join us – whether it’s a meal in the Bygdegard on Fettisdag, a 12-hour Gafsele run, or cheer the Queens of Lapland on ice hockey.

One of the features of Nordic rural life is that veterinary surgeons – especially good ones – are not to be found around the corner. Should a visit to the vet be necessary, we will have to organise it and plan the day together with you.

An active winter holiday always includes a good dinner as a pleasant end to the day. We prepare our cottage food together and of course we like to see what the Swedish cuisine has to offer.

That’s how you live

You will spend 6 nights at the husky farm in the small village of Gafsele. Here on the Ångermanälven, Sweden’s most water-rich river, is our base camp for future excursions: a traditional Swedish house right by the river.

You will find all the comforts you could wish for after an extended dog sled tour on a winter day: lovingly furnished rooms with private bathroom and above all a cozy living room for all, in which we like to sit together in the evening.

The enclosure for the dogs is integrated into the farm and gives the opportunity to have frequent contact with the animals, to help with the care of the huskies – which is certainly desirable – and to distribute petting.



Services and prices

● Huskyfarm active holiday with 2 – 3 participants (more participants than a fixed group on request)
● 6 nights at the husky farm in Gafsele (twin or triple room with single, double or bunk beds with private shower room)

● Bed linen, towel + shower towel and sauna towels are included

● Final cleaning of room and bathroom are included

● Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner incl. soft drinks)
● 5 Experience days according to the description
● for the activities: own husky team with 4 – 6 dogs, own pulkage team with 1 dog

● Thermos boots, down jackets and trousers can be provided in common sizes on request

● Included are the use of snowshoes, ice fishing equipment, sledding and sauna

● Check-in from 15:00 , Check out until 10:00 o’clock

● Guarantee of implementation regardless of the number of participants reported

● You have the opportunity to visit and get to know our dogs and us before your trip to Frankendorf and to clarify your questions about the holiday in a personal conversation.

Not included in the price

● Costs for arrival and departure

● lifting and removing the bed linen

● cleaning of the room and the bathroom during your stay

Travel price

● Price per person in a single or double room 2190 € incl. 19% VAT

Notes and information

● Depending on the day of arrival, arrival via different domestic airports in combination with taxi or bus transfer is possible

● by car and ferry e. g. Rostock – Trelleborg – Gafsele (approx. 1300 km)

● by bus from Stockholm to Gafsele

● The way to get there, which we prefer because it uses the most reliable connections, is via a domestic flight from Stockholm to Umeå and then a regional bus ride from Umeå to Åsele. We’ll pick you up there. A stopover in Umeå may be necessary.

We provide more detailed information tailored to the day of arrival.

Necessary equipment and clothing

windproof outerwear: Trousers and jacket or overalls with hood (can also be rented free of charge), thermal underwear and stockings (at least 2 pairs each), recommended: Fleece functional clothing, light gloves made of fleece or virgin wool, windproof winter gloves, hat, scarf, ski mask, winter boots (e. g. from Sorel or Kamik – can also be rented free of charge), ski goggles, water-free cream for face and hands, sun cream from March at least LSF 15, lip balm, small backpack for day trips, possibly Earplugs for a peaceful sleep, headlamp or flashlight – with spare batteries, possibly. Photo equipment – with spare batteries

Required physical constitution, previous knowledge and age

Minimum age 18 years, children and adolescents under 18 years only accompanied by their parents. No overweight. Normal mobility, physical, mental health, an animal hair allergy could be a hindrance. The sled tours are designed for beginners, no previous knowledge is required.

You should have fun in winter outdoor activities, enjoy the daily work with the dogs and enjoy a healthy relationship with each other.

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Die im Programm beschriebenen Aktivitäten orientieren sich an durchschnittlichen Wetterverhältnissen. Sie können daher je nach Wetterlage in ihrer Länge variieren oder mit anderen Aktivitäten getauscht werden.

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