Participation in husky training (approx. 4 hours, max. 2 participants)

On this training day all pack members should get exercise. Depending on the season, training takes place on different lengths. The aim is a good physical condition, command security and, above all, an age-appropriate exercise program.

Experience the pack around Reeta, Jorma & Co with their greatest passion – running in a big husky team! For this purpose, the huskies are prepared together: 2 or 3 teams of up to 10 dogs are assembled, harnessed and clamped. Then take a seat in the large training car (2 passenger seats, guided by an experienced musher) and enjoy the tours with the teams through the Frankendorfer forests. Lots of impressions of the Huskyrudel, the rhythmic trot of the dogs and impressions of nature. During the tours there is plenty of time for talks with the musher about all questions about husky training. Depending on requirements, older dogs that no longer run in a team are moved over a short walk.

Participation in husky training - details

Duration: about 4 hours

Group size: max. 2 participants

Dates: usually from Monday to Friday

Activities: 2 or 3 training rides with a large team (8 – 10 Huskies) through the surrounding woods, ride as a passenger, depending on the day’s requirements also a walk with the elderly of the pack.

Activity – the special tip: on request there is also the possibility to steer a small team in the second training round by yourself.

Conditions - normal mobility, suitable for beginners, Minimum age: 1. Participants at least 18 years old, 2. Participants 14 years

Recommended clothing - weatherproof outdoor clothing (rain jacket/pants if necessary), trekking shoes or similar, full-fingered gloves, headgear

Equipment - we will provide participants with helmets for the tour. You can bring your own bicycle/climbing/snowboard helmets if you want.






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* Teilnahme am saisonalen Huskytraining
* 1 große oder 2 kleine Touren mit den Huskyteams
* Gespann selber lenken oder Teilahme als Passagier
* Preis 269 €

* Teilnahme am Tagesprogramm inkusive Waldspaziergang mit den Senioren des Rudels, exklusive der Gespanntouren
* warmer Gastraum mit Getränkeangebot
55 €

Trainingstag für mehr als 2 Teilnehmer / als Familienprogramm gern auf Anfrage


Freizeit- und Tourismusservice Sabine Kühn & Elmar Fust

Freizeit- und Tourismusservice Sabine Kühn & Elmar Fust
Neudorf 34
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