Take part in a sled dog ride – the wish of many animal lovers! This is where it can come true! (Participation as a passenger, also as a voucher)

Mushing course "Björksele"

Siberian Huskies exert a special attraction on many people. Friendly and good-natured with bipeds, but also lively and excitedly barking when waiting for the go for a sled or all-terrain-vehicle tour - Huskies are versatile!

During a ca. 2-hour programme the participants will learn the basics about driving a dog team.

This workshop is aimed at people who do not want to/cannot drive a dog team on a sled or all-terrainn-vehicle themselves (e.g. they are physically restricted.) For the tour, the participant will be seated in a specially equipped all-terrain-vehicle and an experienced guide will drive the dog team.

All our courses begin with the introduction of the dog breed and our pack. Before the tour starts, we will inform about equipment, driving techniques and safety when training with Huskies. Then we will harness the dogs and prepare the team. The tour will be driven with 10-12 strong dogs. The duration of the tour depends on the level of training and weather and will last about 20 minutes.

Following, will be a special experience: be close to our Huskies. We will enter the (naturally created) kennel with the dogs, find a spot and will allow the dogs to approach us humans. This has lead to some unexpected and close encounters! Be surprised!


Mushing course "Björksele" - details

Duration - 1 hour 45 min.

Group size - up to 2 participants, on request on certain dates also for 3 participants, no minimum number of participants (guarantee of implementation)

Dates - April to November and outside of these months in snow-free weather also at short notice on request

Activities - ca. 20 minute tour, dog team of 10 to 12 Huskies, driven by an experienced Musher

Conditions - normal and restricted mobility, wheelchair users should be able to lift themselves, or with the help of an accompanying person, onto the passenger seat / Minimum age 8 years old (if an adult is booked as a participant), from 12 years old also unaccompanied

Accompaning persons - will participate except in the tour itself. A common room with reading and film material is available. A maximum of 2 accompanying people are bookable online, additions upon request and availability.

Clothing recommondations - weatherproof outdoor clothing (rain jacket/pants if needed), trekking shoes or similar, full-fingered gloves, headgear

It is possible to buy or rent rain gear / rubber boots on site.

Equipment - we will provide participants with helmets for the tour. You can bring your own bicycle/climbing/snowboard helmets if you want.

Good to know

Hinweise zur Onlinebuchung

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Components of this offer:

Travel as a passenger for one participant / Art. hb

Ride on a 2-seat training car, for participants from 12 years of age (from 8 years of age, if an adult companion is booked as a second participant)

159,00 €

Accompanying person from 16 years / Art. hb

Maximum of 2 accompanying persons

Höchstens 2 Begleitpersonen möglich.

15,00 €

Accompanying person from 5 to 15 years / Art. hb

Maximum of 2 accompanying persons

Höchstens 2 Begleitpersonen möglich.

8,00 €

Accompanying person infants up to 4 years_Art. h

Maximum of 2 accompanying persons

Höchstens 2 Begleitpersonen möglich.

6,00 €

Memory "Frankendorfer Huskyrudel"

"Wir bleiben zu Hause" - unsere Idee:

Mit diesem Memory-Spiel gemeinsam die Wartezeit bis zum Erlebnistermin überbrücken und das Rudel schon mal ganz genau und von zu Hause aus kennenlernen!

  • 50 Kärtchen mit Motiven von allen vierbeinigen Mitgliedern des Frankendofer Huskyrudel
  • jedes Huskymotiv mit dem Namen des Hundes beschriftet
  • Strapazierfähiges Material
  • Attraktive Faltschachtel
  • Preis inklusive Versand
  • Lieferzeit 7 - 9 Arbeitstage (Postversand)

alle 25 Motive kann man hier in der Bildergalerie am unteren Ende unserer Startseite anschauen

28,00 €

Kuschelkissen Nanuk

"Wir bleiben zu Hause" - unsere Idee:

Mit diesem Kuschelkissen die Wartezeit bis zum Erlebnistermin überbrücken und mit der kleinen frechen Huskydame Nanuk (Markenzeichen: unglaublich dickes und seidenweiches Fell!) zu Hause schon einmal auf Tuchfühlung gehen!

  • Fotokissen mit vollflächigem Aufdruck; beidseitig mit unterschiedlichen Motiven bedruckt; im Format Panorama; für Allergiker geeignet; Oberstoff: 100 % Polyester-Microfaser, Kissen: 100 % Polyester
  • Preis inklusive Versand
  • Lieferzeit 10 - 12 Arbeitstage (Postversand)

beide Motive des Kissens (Vor- und Rückseite) kann man hier in der Bildergalerie am unteren Ende unserer Startseite anschauen

48,50 €

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Hundeschlitten-Kurs Björksele