Nature adventures
with sled dogs—in Germany and Sweden
Dog sledding tours

Experience Siberian Huskies while hiking in the Nature Park Stechlin-Ruppin country, before the carriage or as a companion to Pulkatouren in northern Sweden winter nature in trekking tours in Lapland Ruskasaison ...

Learn from our joint activities an extraordinary and fascinating breed know: the Siberian Husky. Constantly surprising us our Siberians with its balanced and trusting character, your energy and vitality. Let yourself be inspired!

Mehr Eindrücke aus der Welt der Huskies? Hier gibt's Menschen und Hunde in Akton zu sehen. (3 min)

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Nov 14th, 2018

Fan Fact!

Fan Fact! Wie geht's eigentlich Melissa?!

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Nov 1st, 2018


Husky-Wetter!Auch heute sind die Huskies im rbb zu sehen!

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