Holiday courses for teenagers

Holiday courses for teenagers

Hier finden junge Menschen Ferienkurse und Reisen, die nachhaltig begeistern und bilden!

Dogs encourage responsibility, empathy and closeness to nature in children. Dogs and children are a good fit but how to deal with dogs correctly has to be learned. Since not every family has the possibility to keep a pet, our holiday camps offer an opportunity for children without them, to come into close contact with dogs. Children with a family dog can deepen their understanding of them and improve their skills of handling them. Not to mention,  if you are thinking of getting a dog, our courses are a good preparation.

Useful tip for teenagers: Why don’t you use your holidays for career guidance!  We offer a 3-year apprenticeship for the profession of “animal care taker”. You can learn a lot about this job during your daily work with our dogs and our trainees will gladly answer all your questions.

Useful tip for parents: We are often asked by parents of children with diagnosed learning disabilities, difficulties with communication and social skills, or ADHS, whether participation in our vacation camps is possible. We have noticed the following: children and teenagers are at ease and more balanced when in contact with our Huskies. They can concentrate better on the subject matters being taught in short units when Huskies are present. Same has been reported by parents of past camp participants. We will gladly counsel you in person and we look forward to your visit or call! >>> more about pedagogical background (German)

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Service-Qualität Deutschland
Unsere Huskyfarm ist zertifiziert von der Initiative ServiceQualität Deutschland

Betriebe, die an dieser Zertifizierung teilgenommen haben und das Q tragen, haben sich mit den Themen Service und Qualität intensiv auseinandergesetzt und arbeiten an stetiger Verbesserung. Dafür steht das Q – ein Zeichen für Sie als unsere Gäste, dass die Menschen in diesem Unternehmen an Ihrer Zufriedenheit interessiert sind und für Sie etwas tun!