The full Husky package for families and small groups from three participants: lead dog training, driving of a dog team, being close to Huskies! (participants drive their own dog team, combination with passenger ride is possible)

Mushing course "Kebbestjärn"

For this workshop, we added a lead dog training and concluding the event in the kennel to our half-day course "Hälla". The participants thus get the opportunity to closely work with a single dog and come to know Siberian Huskies from a different side: eager to learn and each one with a unique personality.


Husky workshop "Kebbestjärn"

We begin by introducing the dog breed and our pack. You can watch them in the kennel while learning about pack behavior and the training of sled dogs. During the following lead dog training, you will lead a single dog with a hip belt and experience their power and motivation directly. However, you will see that, in spite of their free spirit, they are able to work focused and obediently. The participants will learn how to change pace and practice left/right commands, as well as passing other dogs.

Next, is the basic course in driving a Husky team, also called mushing. We begin by informing about driving techniques and safety while training dogs. Depending on the weather, we will introduce an all-terrain-vehicle or sled and practice steering and braking. Afterwards, we will equip each participant with a team of 3 to 4 Huskies and harness them. Provided with our expertise, you will learn how to drive your team of dogs during a 30-minute tour. We will assist you while turning corners and, if the dogs need help going uphill, with the pedaling technique.

Returning to the Husky farm, the dogs will be praised, watered and unharnessed. A special part of this tour: be close to the huskies. We will enter the (naturally created) kennel with the dogs, find a spot and will allow the dogs to approach us humans. This has led to some unexpected and close encounters! Be surprised!

When the dogs have calmed down and contentedly laid down in their favorite spot, we will get together in our cozy guest room. Here, we can talk about the experiences and achievements of the day.


Husky experience "Kebbestjärn" - details

Course duration - 4 hours

Group size - up to 6 participants, age 14 and up

Dates - end of September - beginning of May

Activities - participation in lead dog training/ one dog per person, driving of dog team for about 30 min, dog teams of 3 to 4 dogs each, participants will drive themselves from the beginning, concluding the tour in the kennel, be close to the huskies

Conditions - normal mobility, suitable for beginners

Accompanying person - participates in the course except the tour itself. There is a common room available with reading and film material. A maximum of 2 people is bookable online, additions upon request and availability.

Recommended clothing - weatherproof outdoor clothing (rain jacket/pants if necessary), trekking shoes or similar, full-fingered gloves, headgear

It is possible to buy or rent rain gear / rubber boots on site.

Equipment - we will provide participants with helmets for the tour. You can bring your own bicycle/climbing/snowboard helmets if you want.

Price - 262 € per person, 40 € per accompanying person

from 597,00 €

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