For all curious people who like to look, wonder and stroke ...

Have you ever looked a Husky directly in the eyes or went “dipping into his fur? How does a big pack of Huskies live together? And how do you drive a dog team? Can you keep a Husky in the house and how does it feel with its thick fur during warm summers?

During a visit on the Frankendorf Husky farm, you will experience Huskies up close and have the chance to ask our Mushers (drivers of dog teams) everything you have always wanted to know about sled dogs.

The guided tour is offered exclusively for you and your family / friends.

Duration: 45 minutes

Participants: max. 5 (more participants on request)


from 78,00 €

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Components of this offer:

tour of the Husky Farm for 1 – 5 participants 78 € / Art hf_hf

tour of the Husky Farm exclusively for a maximum of 5 participants

included in the price

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Nicht als Gutschein buchbar.