An experience that couldn’t be more individual: Enjoy the closity of the Frankendorfer Huskyrudel in a private circle and spend the night a little like in the land of the elks!

Huskyfarm completely private!

When the musher family has said goodbye to their day guests, the hustle and bustle gives way to the evening calm and the huskies are happy in their favorite places, then the doors of the farm open for you and your family or friends. The farm garden becomes a natural “wellness oasis” where you can spend a night: close to forest and corridor, in a cozy hut with barbecue area and Scandinavian barrel sauna and under the interested eyes of more than 50 blue and brown husky eyes.

What can you expect at the husky night? You arrive between 16:00 and 17:00 and are greeted at the farm by Elmar Fust and Sabine Kühn. Immediately afterwards you move into your home for your husky night – a hut directly at the husky enclosure, behind which is a lovingly restored and comfortably furnished construction car with two separate rooms.

Elmar Fust and Sabine Kühn will be happy to answer any questions about husky during your stay. Look forward to exclusive insights into the everyday life of a husky pack and learn all sorts of things about the history, attitude and employment opportunities of these fascinating dogs. If you are also interested in intensive contact with husky, you can also register on site for a 45-minute guided tour with admission to one of the 4 dog enclosures (extra charge) and then go on an exciting tour through the world of sled dogs together with Elmar Fust!

Enjoy the end of the day away from everyday life and look forward to the “program” that the husky pack offers for spectators almost every evening – the pre-sunset playtime together. Both young and old huskies enjoy it. Then they fervently dance in the enclosures, curl, playfully attacked, plucked ears and tails and wrestled with each other. And this almost silently and in the best mood. It is a great pleasure to observe the animals and surely one or the other snapshot of this special situation succeeds. The farm garden offers seating under umbrellas, but also directly from the caravan you have a good view of the enclosure.

You can also order a dinner in the garden fresh from our courtyard kitchen on your arrival (extra charge).

A quantum culture is also offered to you at husky night: Depending on the mood and feeling, our choir of about 25 Siberian huskies will surely give you a concert! And the next morning, the huskies are responsible for the acoustic backdrop: They usually welcome the new day between 7:00 a. m. and 7:30 a. m. with exuberant barking and in anticipation of exciting activities.

If you have booked your experience with breakfast, then your laid table awaits you in the garden – of course with a view of the morning pack or in our lovingly furnished breakfast room.

Your check-out is scheduled between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. and we are sure you will have long lasting emotional impressions in your home luggage.


Huskyfarm completely private! in an overview


Dates: from April to October (winter dates on request), Note: in the experience calendar of this website, free dates are always indicated with “1 place. ” This means that the accommodation offer is bookable for 2 persons.

Number of participants: 1 – 2 persons, suitable for children from 12 years accompanied by at least one adult from 18 years, more persons / Extra bed on request

Arrival / Check-out: 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. / 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Services: Overnight experience exclusively for you in the construction car incl. bed linen, towels and final cleaning, sanitary facilities 40 m away (own shower room and toilet)

Equipment of the construction car: 2 separate heated rooms separated by sliding doors, each room a double bed incl. bed linen and towels, if only one bedroom is needed, the second room can be used as a living room and can also be used in the morning to have a private breakfast.

Sanitary facilities are about 40 m away on the front yard of the farm. There you will find a toilet and a private heated shower room with hot and cold water.

Meals: a continental breakfast (etagere with bread and rolls, with butter, jam, honey and drinks, 4. 90 € per person) and a simple dinner fresh from the farm kitchen and in organic regional quality can be ordered on arrival (possible in advance by telephone e. g. potato soup with sausages, Pasta & homemade pesto, pasta with spinach and feta. . . between 10 and 19 € per serving). In front of the caravan there are wooden benches and tables – here we are happy to set up for you in good weather! Alternatively, our rustic guest room is also available for a meal. In addition, for dinner the nearest inn can be reached by car in 7 minutes, the nearest restaurant in 15 minutes. Here we recommend a short call in advance to reserve seats if necessary. The contact is available after booking.


Services that can be booked:

Transfer from the train station Netzeband – pre-ordered on request and availability: to Huskyfarm Frankendorf (offer valid for trains arriving at 4:12 pm and 4:40 pm) and return the following day (applies to trains departing at 10:12 am and 10:40 am), price: 34 €, payment on site in cash

Husky farm tour with entrance to a dog house – can be ordered on arrival (69 €, payment in cash on arrival, condition: dry weather)

continental breakfast – can be ordered on arrival

Dinner - can be ordered on arrival

Activities such as dog sledding and hiking can be booked online. For most overnight stays we offer either on the day of arrival or on the day of departure. A first orientation for combining overnight stay and activity offers our experience calendar. We will also be happy to advise you on this by phone and look forward to your call!

from 255,00 €

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Hinweis: Dieses Angebot ist nicht als Gutschein buchbar.

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erste Hinweise zur Barrierefreiheit:

> für Gäste mit Höreinschränkungen, ggf. mit einem für Freizeitaktivitäten geeigneten Hörgerät (Feuchtigkeit, Staub, Tragbarkeit unter einem Helm beim Gespannfahren)
> für Gäste mit Seheinschränkungen zusammen mit einer sehenden Begleitperson
> für Gäste mit Lernschwierigkeiten
> für Gäste mit eingeschränkter Mobilität, sofern die 5 Stufen der Treppe zum Bauwagen bewältigt werden können

> Detailinformationen zur abschließenden Beurteilung der Barrierefreiheit erhalten Sie telefonisch unter 0049 33924 79946

Components of this offer:

Übernachtung 255 € für 2 Personen/ Art. ÜN

Übernachtung für 1 bis 2 Personen (mind. 1 davon über 18 Jahre) im beheizbaren Bauwagen mit Wohn- und Schlafraum, inkl. Bettwäsche, Handtüchern und Endreinigung

Dieser Artikel erscheint bei Buchung automatisch auf der Rechnung, der Preis gilt für max. 2 Personen.





included in the price

Memory "Frankendorfer Huskyrudel"

"Wir bleiben zu Hause" - unsere Idee:

Mit diesem Memory-Spiel gemeinsam die Wartezeit bis zum Erlebnistermin überbrücken und das Rudel schon mal ganz genau und von zu Hause aus kennenlernen!

  • 50 Kärtchen mit Motiven von allen vierbeinigen Mitgliedern des Frankendofer Huskyrudel
  • jedes Huskymotiv mit dem Namen des Hundes beschriftet
  • Strapazierfähiges Material
  • Attraktive Faltschachtel
  • Preis inklusive Versand
  • Lieferzeit 7 - 9 Arbeitstage (Postversand)

alle 25 Motive kann man hier in der Bildergalerie am unteren Ende unserer Startseite anschauen

28,00 €

Kuschelkissen Nanuk

"Wir bleiben zu Hause" - unsere Idee:

Mit diesem Kuschelkissen die Wartezeit bis zum Erlebnistermin überbrücken und mit der kleinen frechen Huskydame Nanuk (Markenzeichen: unglaublich dickes und seidenweiches Fell!) zu Hause schon einmal auf Tuchfühlung gehen!

  • Fotokissen mit vollflächigem Aufdruck; beidseitig mit unterschiedlichen Motiven bedruckt; im Format Panorama; für Allergiker geeignet; Oberstoff: 100 % Polyester-Microfaser, Kissen: 100 % Polyester
  • Preis inklusive Versand
  • Lieferzeit 10 - 12 Arbeitstage (Postversand)

beide Motive des Kissens (Vor- und Rückseite) kann man hier in der Bildergalerie am unteren Ende unserer Startseite anschauen

48,50 €

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Huskyfarm ganz privat!

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