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Family Husky Hiking Trip

Our „family package“: Carefully touch a dog’s nose, discover fluffy fur, lead a big dog with daddy, exert yourself on a hike and have a new four-legged friend at the end!


Pay close attention to the introduction to the world of sled dogs at the beginning, you might need it in the quiz later!

For anyone without any dog experiences, you can look forward to many unforgettable impressions, because Siberian Huskies are known for their very friendly and outgoing nature. After a first sniff, we will pick out a suitable dog for each family. Children and teenagers enjoy figuring out how to change the pace by using their bodyweight. Soon, you will notice how the dogs build trust in you.

To go hiking with a Husky is a first for most participants and you use different muscles than you are used to. It gives a great opportunity to engage body and mind, anticipate a feeling of relaxation and well-being by the end of the tour.

Back on the farm, the dogs will be watered, praised and petted and will sit patiently for a picture or two. The hikers are awaited by refreshments, as well as the family quiz.


Family Husky hiking trip - details


Duration - 2,5 hours

Group size - up to 20 participants, 5 years and up

Dates - all year except February

Activities: hiking trip (about 4 km), 2 participants per dog

Conditions - normal mobility, for children younger than 5 we can provide a buggy that seats 2 children, parents can push the buggy, possibly taking turns with another family

Recommended clothing - weatherproof outdoor clothing (rain jacket/pants if necessary), trekking shoes or similar, full-fingered gloves, headgear

It is possible to buy or rent rain gear / rubber boots on site.

Provisions - Fruit/pastries after the tour  and refreshments

Information when booking online: Children are listed as accompanying persons due to booking reasons, they will fully participate in the event

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Components of this offer:

Teilnehmer ab 18 Jahre / Art. wf

je 2 Teilnehmer 1 Hund

31,00 €

Teilnehmer 13 - 17 Jahre / Art. wf

je 2 Teilnehmer 1 Hund

21,00 €

Teilnehmer 9 - 12 Jahre / Art. wf

je 2 Teilnehmer 1 Hund

21,00 €

Teilnehmer 5 - 8 Jahre / Art. wf

je 2 Teilnehmer 1 Hund

21,00 €

Kind bis 4 Jahre im Buggy / Art. w

Buggy mit Platz für 2 Kinder wird gestellt, 1 Elternteil schiebt, evt. im Wechsel mit einer anderen Familie

6,00 €

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Husky Hikingtour for families