Forty blue and brown dog eyes follow banned when Elmar Fust greets a whole school class in front of the husky-enclosure. Then the huskies know perfectly well: It’s about to start. Off to the woods, out on a tour of discovery! But today the otherwise so instinctive four-legged friends are mistaken, today they stay in their home and receive visitors. . . (1,5 hours program)

Get up close and personal with huskies! - for all grades

Have you ever looked a Husky directly in the eyes or went dipping into his fur? How does a big pack of Huskies live together? And how do you drive a dog team? Can you keep a Husky in the house and how does it feel with its thick fur during warm summers?

During a visit on the Frankendorf Husky farm, you will experience Huskies up close. You can stand in the middle of them (some dogs are taken out of their enclosures), stroke and brush them, inquire about the activities with them and ask our mushers (sled dog guides) everything you have always been interested in about sled dogs.

But that’s not all: During this special tour you will enter in small groups with Elmar Fust directly into an enclosure of the Huskyrudel. This area is actually reserved for dogs and their animal keepers. But from time to time a husky pack invites guests. Here in the good room of the dogs, a particularly calm and reserved treatment is required by the “Visitors. ” You take a seat as guests of the husky family and let the dogs come to you to cuddle! You will be surprised how different the dogs present themselves: some very careful with a curious nose sniffing, others stroking their legs like cats, or throwing themselves on their backs to get cuddles. . .

Duration: 1.5 hours

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