The four-season course with great variety of dates (participants steer their team themselves, also as a voucher)

Mushing course "Hälla"

Siberian Huskies exert a special attraction on many people. Friendly and good-natured with bipeds, but also lively and excitedly barking when waiting to start a sled or all-terrain-vehicle tour - Huskies are versatile! To drive a Husky team by yourself – a wish many dog lovers have! In this half-day course, we will show you how.

All participants will complete a basic course in mushing, the art of driving Huskies with a sled or all-terrain-vehicle (ATV).

We begin by introducing the dog breed and our pack. You can watch them in the kennel while learning about pack behavior and the training of sled dogs. This is followed by instructions on driving techniques as well as safety while steering the sled or ATV.

We will then introduce you to your team of 3 to 4 dogs and harness them. Provided with our expertise, you will learn how to drive your team of dogs during a 30-minute tour. We will assist you while turning corners and, if the dogs need help going uphill, with the pedaling technique.

The tour takes us from the grounds of the farm directly into the Frankendorfer forest, via forest and field trails, on which beginners can safely steer their team. At our resting places, where we provide the dogs with water, you can also look around the wide landscape. Not infrequently, deer and deer cross our route.

Returning to the Husky farm, the dogs will be praised watered and you will be shown how to correctly unharness them. After an extensive cuddling session, we will bring the dogs into the kennels. After they have settled down in their favorite spots you will start your way home with a variety of impressions from this eventful day.

Conclusion of many guests after the tour: Here one experiences nature, silence and animals very intensively and away from everyday life!


Mushing course “Hälla” – details


Duration: 2,5 hours

Group size: max. 4 participants, 14 years and up

Dates: all year except February (June, July and August upon request)

Activities: 30-minute tour through surrounding woods, participant’s own team of 3 to 4 Huskies, participant steers himself from the start

Conditions - normal mobility, suitable for beginners

Accompanying person - participates in the course except the tour itself. There is a common room available with reading and film material. A maximum of 2 people is bookable online, additions upon request and availability.

Recommended clothing - weatherproof outdoor clothing (rain jacket/pants if necessary), trekking shoes or similar, full-fingered gloves, headgear

It is possible to buy or rent rain gear / rubber boots on site.

Equipment - we will provide participants with helmets for the tour. You can bring your own bicycle/climbing/snowboard helmets if you want.

Good to know

Hinweis zum Kauf eines Erlebnisses mit festem Termin:

Wir empfehlen Ihnen für bestellte Tickets einen Ticket-Schutz abzuschließen (siehe auch AGB & Widerruf), so sind Sie gut vorbereitet, wenn etwas Unvorhergesehenes passiert und Sie aus versichertem Grund nicht am Erlebnis teilnehmen können.

Informationen zu Ticketversicherungen erhalten Sie z.Bsp. hier:

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Components of this offer:

Participants from 14 years / Art. hha

max. 2 accompanying persons bookable, additional accompanying persons are welcome on telephone request and subject to availability

Höchstens 2 Begleitpersonen möglich.

159,00 €

Accompanying person from 16 years / Art. hhä

Maximum of 2 accompanying persons

Höchstens 2 Begleitpersonen möglich.

25,00 €

Memory "Frankendorfer Huskyrudel"

"Wir bleiben zu Hause" - unsere Idee:

Mit diesem Memory-Spiel gemeinsam die Wartezeit bis zum Erlebnistermin überbrücken und das Rudel schon mal ganz genau und von zu Hause aus kennenlernen!

  • 50 Kärtchen mit Motiven von allen vierbeinigen Mitgliedern des Frankendofer Huskyrudel
  • jedes Huskymotiv mit dem Namen des Hundes beschriftet
  • Strapazierfähiges Material
  • Attraktive Faltschachtel
  • Preis inklusive Versand
  • Lieferzeit 7 - 9 Arbeitstage (Postversand)

alle 25 Motive kann man hier in der Bildergalerie am unteren Ende unserer Startseite anschauen

28,00 €

Kuschelkissen Nanuk

"Wir bleiben zu Hause" - unsere Idee:

Mit diesem Kuschelkissen die Wartezeit bis zum Erlebnistermin überbrücken und mit der kleinen frechen Huskydame Nanuk (Markenzeichen: unglaublich dickes und seidenweiches Fell!) zu Hause schon einmal auf Tuchfühlung gehen!

  • Fotokissen mit vollflächigem Aufdruck; beidseitig mit unterschiedlichen Motiven bedruckt; im Format Panorama; für Allergiker geeignet; Oberstoff: 100 % Polyester-Microfaser, Kissen: 100 % Polyester
  • Preis inklusive Versand
  • Lieferzeit 10 - 12 Arbeitstage (Postversand)

beide Motive des Kissens (Vor- und Rückseite) kann man hier in der Bildergalerie am unteren Ende unserer Startseite anschauen

48,50 €

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