The Premium version of this tour also includes: Hiking in a smaller group and concluding the event in the kennel!

**** Premium Hiking Trip "Tour Of Three Forests"

As always, arriving guests are closely watched by our more than 20 Huskies. After the introduction – “a short study of sled dogs” – next to the kennel, the Huskies are released into the enclosure and together with the participants, we pick out a suitable four-legged hiking partner for each participant. Excitingly howling dogs are now awaiting the Go!

Which place will the Huskies lead us to, today? The small pond Bergsoll, the Blind Donkey, the Egg Soup valley? Frankendorf’s forests provide several opportunities and depending on the season and weather, we will choose a destination. During the first stretch, hiker and dog will find their own pace and the dogs will walk more calmly and focused - perfect conditions to form a personal bond. Halfway through, we will take a break. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of your surroundings. On the way back, the dogs’ exuberance will have settled and the now well attuned teams will return home with a measured step.

After the active part of the program, you now have the chance to be close to the Huskies and enter the kennels. Here, in their safe haven, a calm and restrained behavior is asked of the “visitors”. We will allow the dogs to approach us and enjoy the cuddles of these lovable animals. Be surprised by who choses you!

We will conclude the event together and exchange some of the days’ experiences.


**** Premium Husky hiking trip "Tour-Of-Three-Forests"- details

Additional services

Hiking in a smaller group (about 8 participants)

organic and regional self-made snacks

Be close to our Huskies: Concluding the event in the kennel

Duration - about 4 hours, depending on the route

Group size - ca. 8 participants, 12 years and up

Dates - March till December

Activities: hiking trip (9-11 km) tour,one dog per person

Conditions - normal mobility, suitable for hiking beginners

Recommended clothing - weatherproof outdoor clothing (rain jacket/pants if necessary), trekking shoes or similar, full-fingered gloves, headgear

It is possible to buy or rent rain gear / rubber boots on site.

Provisions - Fruit/pastries after the tour (depending on season) and refreshments

Please note: Participating in this hiking trip without a Husky is not possible

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