Birthday with your friends and a big pack of Siberian Huskies. An unforgettable experience!

Children’s birthday party at the Huskyfarm

And you don’t even have to travel to far-flighted countries for that. In about 1 hour since you arrived with your guests from the north of Berlin. And when you arrive at the Huskyfarm, not only you and your guests, but also your parents have a lot of fun and relaxation!

Getting to know the more than 20 lovely Huskies is exciting! They bark expectantly and are just waiting to be stroked and moved by you. But which one of the many dogs suits me? Don’t worry, we’ll introduce you all dogs individually! So you can decide together with a friend which dog you want to keep: the Riina with the beautiful blue eyes, the funny and cuddly Pekka or the lively Malin?

Teamwork is required on the exciting forest hike: 2 children (or adults) each are responsible for a husky, which you will “guide” through the forest with the appropriate commands. Afterwards, you can practice skipping obstacles, running over a commuting bridge and crossing a tunnel with your husky on our Agility-Parcours. One of your hiking team leads the husky, the other supports the success of the exercise with treats. Afterwards, each participant will be able to train with a husky once. Afterwards, the huskies are rewarded extensively and you have time to cuddle with your new four-legged friends.

At the end of the day, a birthday meal must not be missing. Almost like the mushers from the Jack London As novels, we sit together at the campfire and eat a delicious soup from a fire kettle. In cold weather or rain we serve a warming stew on the former hayloft of the farm – in a rustic atmosphere, protected from wind and weather and with a view of the Huskies from above or in winter even in our heated guest room!

Meals: Delicious from our farm kitchen
1. Fruity tomato soup with rice (vegan)
2. Hearty carrot stew with fresh gray bread (vegan)
3. Chili without Meat with fresh white bread (vegan)
4. Potato soup (vegan) with sausages
On request and subject to availability


Children’s birthday party at the Huskyfarm in detail

Program duration: 3 hours

Group size / Age: group up to 10 children from 9 years and 3 adults. Younger siblings and additional participants are available on request.

Dates: by appointment

Activities: Getting to know the husky pack, husky hiking, dog training on the Agilty trail

Meals: correspondingly booked variant

Prerequisites: an animal hair allergy could be a hindrance

Clothing recommendation: sturdy weatherproof clothing (e. g. rain trousers and jacket), footwear with tread soles (e. g. hiking boots), cap and finger gloves

from 348,00 €

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erste Hinweise zur Barrierefreiheit:

> für Gäste mit Höreinschränkungen, ggf. zusammen mit einer hörenden Begleitperson
> für Gäste mit Seheinschränkungen zusammen mit einer sehenden Begleitperson
> für Gäste mit Mobilitätseinschränkungen
> für Gäste mit Lernschwierigkeiten

> Detailinformationen zur abschließenden Beurteilung der Barrierefreiheit erhalten Sie telefonisch unter 0049 33924 79946

Components of this offer:

Basic price for 13 participants 348 € / Art. tkg

Children and parents / accompanying adults

included in the price

Additional participants / Art. tkg

children or adults

26,00 €

Memory "Frankendorfer Huskyrudel"

"Wir bleiben zu Hause" - unsere Idee:

Mit diesem Memory-Spiel gemeinsam die Wartezeit bis zum Erlebnistermin überbrücken und das Rudel schon mal ganz genau und von zu Hause aus kennenlernen!

  • 50 Kärtchen mit Motiven von allen vierbeinigen Mitgliedern des Frankendofer Huskyrudel
  • jedes Huskymotiv mit dem Namen des Hundes beschriftet
  • Strapazierfähiges Material
  • Attraktive Faltschachtel
  • Preis inklusive Versand
  • Lieferzeit 7 - 9 Arbeitstage (Postversand)

alle 25 Motive kann man hier in der Bildergalerie am unteren Ende unserer Startseite anschauen

28,00 €

Kuschelkissen Nanuk

"Wir bleiben zu Hause" - unsere Idee:

Mit diesem Kuschelkissen die Wartezeit bis zum Erlebnistermin überbrücken und mit der kleinen frechen Huskydame Nanuk (Markenzeichen: unglaublich dickes und seidenweiches Fell!) zu Hause schon einmal auf Tuchfühlung gehen!

  • Fotokissen mit vollflächigem Aufdruck; beidseitig mit unterschiedlichen Motiven bedruckt; im Format Panorama; für Allergiker geeignet; Oberstoff: 100 % Polyester-Microfaser, Kissen: 100 % Polyester
  • Preis inklusive Versand
  • Lieferzeit 10 - 12 Arbeitstage (Postversand)

beide Motive des Kissens (Vor- und Rückseite) kann man hier in der Bildergalerie am unteren Ende unserer Startseite anschauen

48,50 €

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