Tiny footprints in the snow, but no one has ever seen the Tomten! Together with Huskies and the family, on the trails of the troll!

Christmas hike with the Tomten

During the Christmas holidays, our hikes are all about Astrid Lindgren’s troll the Tomten. Before we start, Elmar Fust will tell everyone, who hasn’t heard of the Tomten, the story in short.

After the excitement of the start, Husky and hiker will soon get into a groove and everyone riding or pushing the Buggy for the toddlers will have their entertainment, as well. The wintery landscape of the forest will lead you away from the – sometimes bustling – Christmas preparations; some will enjoy the peace and quiet, some will engage in conversations about the upcoming or past holidays. Additionally, you can ask the tour guide everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Tomten. Has anyone ever seen him, does he really live on the Husky farm and how do we know it actually is the Tomten?

A festively decorated hayloft awaits your return to the farm. Soothing hot apple punch and freshly baked waffles will accompany the conclusion of the event. Young and old, everyone has the chance to share a Christmas story – maybe even about their own Christmas troll?! Or you can browse books about the Tomten.

All families are invited to look for trails of the Christmas troll, or even lure him with small treats. The Tomten likes to spend time with the dogs, so please bring dog treats.

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